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Tuesday, 05/04/10

Asher Soccer

Not much into teamwork yet, I am afraid.

Tuesday, 04/27/10

Miles' First Haircut

Sunday, 04/25/10

Dance Without Limits SlideShow

Saturday, 04/17/10

Park Pictures

Tuesday, 04/13/10

Grandparents at the Park

Sunday, 04/04/10

Easter 2010

Saturday, 03/27/10

Miles' 1st birthday

Technically his birthday is next Friday, April 2nd, but we had his little party a weekend early due to Easter and Tracy being on service in the ICU all next week. Happy birthday Miles!

Friday, 01/01/10

Miles and Bear 8 months

Saturday, 11/07/09

Apple Farm Pictures

Sunday, 11/01/09

Halloween 2009