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Monday, 08/23/10

Asher's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Mom, how many pictures do you have to take?

Asher seemed mostly excited about his first day of kindergarten this morning. He really liked the idea of having his own backpack and lunch box. On the drive there he was telling me what a good idea it was to not go back to preschool.

Signing into class, one of his great teachers in the background

A: "I already know everything in preschool, so if I went back I would just do everything perfect."
Me: "Hmm, well it's a good thing you're going to kindergarten instead. You can learn more about reading and math and science, maybe even art."
A: "But mom, I already know everything about math."
Me: "Oh really? Well maybe there are a few big numbers you don't know about yet."
A: "Oh yeah, some of the big numbers are harder."
Me: "Like what about 200+200 ?"
A: "Oh mom, that's for college! That's like the last DAY of college!"

We aim high for secondary education around here. Think we may be able to start cutting back on our college savings plan.

Monday, 08/16/10

The most important food group

Liam today at noon trying to convince me to make his lunch before everyone else, even though he just ate a BIG piece of pumpkin chocolate bread with my mom: "Something with chocolate isn't lunch!"

I have definitely dropped the ball on his education. How could he have gone so far astray???

Thursday, 06/03/10

Kids being cute.

Liam sitting on the floor playing his leap-pad.

Liam: Come sit next to me.

Asher: Why?

Liam: Because I like it when you are next to me.

Sunday, 03/28/10

Safety First!

Safety first!

What, you don't make your kids wear helmets in their car seats?

Wednesday, 03/24/10

Breakfast Order


"Hey Liam, what do you want for breakfast? Asher is having toast with peanut butter, do you want some?"

"No, ummm, I want 3 bites of hot dog, 3 bites of jelly beans, and 3 bites of grilled cheese. Ok?"

So apparently Liam is either living in a very tasty fantasy land, or breakfasts are much more exciting when I go to work early and dad is in charge.

Tuesday, 02/16/10

Stacking Kiwis (for Bret and Cill)


Asher spent a decent amount of time tonight playing with a new toy my parents brought back from Australia - the 'stacking kiwis'. They're little wooden birds in different poses that you try and stack and balance in different combinations. Asher did surprisingly well (in that he was patient enough to try several times, not his usua!) and spent the whole drive home telling us how amazing he was for finding new ways to stack the kiwis.

"I found NEW ways to stack the kiwis mom, not just the ways that were on the paper! And they all balanced and didn't fall down!"

"Yes you did Asher, good job. Glad you liked the new game"

"I used my brain, I think that means I'm going to be a scientist when I grow up."

"Yep, you might. I think you'd really like that."

"Yeah, and since I thought of new ways to stack the kiwis, maybe I can be an inventor."

"Sounds good to me"

"Or I think I'll just be a scientist. I use my brain a lot."

"There are lots of different kinds of scientists you know. There's many cool things you could do."

"Yeah, well, I think I want to be a THINKING scientist. I think I'd be good at that."

Which is good, because we could probably use more of those.

Thursday, 02/04/10

Overheard from the playroom this morning:

Liam (while putting a propeller back on a little plane): No Indy, you can't poke that! When you're a boy and strong then you can poke. But you're too girl right now. First you have to run run run and eat a good snack and then you can be strong like me. THEN you can poke!

Wednesday, 02/03/10

Pizza Night at the Ekhardt's

Bill - Place pizza, any pizza, on plate. Eat

Tracy - Place either Hawaiian or cheese pizza on plate. Eat.

Asher - Take cheese pizza, scrape each and every speck of cheese and sauce off, then sprinkle liberally with Parmesan cheese. Eat.

Liam - Take cheese pizza, separate cheese from pizza crust, then eat components independently.

Miles - Gnaw on pizza crusts left over from the boys. Scream bloody murder if crusts are forcibly removed from grip.

Indy - Scrap the whole pizza idea. Serve one slice of roast beef lunch meat, 6 goldfish crackers, and a quarter cup of mayonnaise.

Tuesday, 02/02/10

It's all good

Not really into all the political party going on, so back to what I care about - remembering goofy things my kids say (this would be Tracy, obviously, and not Bill. He loves them politicking).

Asher(while putting on pajamas): Hey mom, I always take off my socks when I put on my pajamas, but I never take off my underwear. I ALWAYS sleep with my underwear on because it protects my bottom!

Mom: Hmm, um, good to know Asher.

Asher: So if anyone tries to attack my bottom at night it's protected! My underwear is amazing.

Monday, 01/11/10

Miles beginning to sign

For posterity's sake, today at breakfast Miles began signing both 'more' and 'all done' and did a recognizable mimic of both. He's 9 months and 9 days old.