Monday, 04/13/15

The arc of the lives of the heroes of faith

As I read scripture from the daily office this morning I was struck by the following thought.

The arc of the lives of the heroes of faith who have gone before us was not one of ease and continuous victory. Rather it was one of struggle, persecution, exile and death. They are our heroes not because of their victorious accomplishments, but because they were faithful and righteous even in the face of death; because they turned to God even when it appeared God had forsaken them and prayed, please take this cup from me, but not my will but your will be done.
In so doing they found the ram provided in the bush, the sea parted before them, the empty tomb, the palace guard receiving the gospel proclaimed from a prison cell. They found God with them, calling them forward toward His glorious future.

Scripture does not promise an easy life, but a life under the loving reign of God. In God's kingdom we are not free from death, struggle and uncertainty. Rather, our trials are a crucible in which we are forged. In the face of concern and sorrow, may we seek God. Like the martyrs who went before us, in the face of distress may we take the hard path that is right rather than the easy path that would allay our fears. And may we continue to be formed into the people we were created to be.


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