Monday, 04/27/15

What does it mean that God is loving and good?

I took a picture of my shoe next to tattered bits of clothing in the caked dirt of the killing fields in Cambodia where hundreds of thousands were slaughtered with machetes. I walked past a tower of skulls and looked in on the cells where they were tortured. Later I gazed at the pictures of inhuman experiments as I walked the barracks of Dachau where thirty thousand of the people of Israel were executed.

What does it mean that God is loving and good?

My first born son was born by emergency C-section; vaginal birth would likely have killed him. I thanked God for saving his life, but a friend asked, “what about the children God didn’t save?” Through my wife I am once removed from the tragedies of families losing children through drownings, car accidents, illnesses and boyfriends shaking baby’s to death.

What does it mean that God is loving and good?

I have met people in other countries who live on less than $2 a day. They represent half of the world’s population. They do not know our protection of the rule of law. Widow’s houses and market stalls are seized by greedy neighbors because they do not have husbands to defend their property rights. Daily, girls are taken and raped; an estimated 30 million are enslaved.

What does it mean that God is loving and good? How do I turn in trust to One who fails to stop such evil? How do I entrust my future and the lives of my children to One who allows rain to fall on the good and the bad?

I turn to the One who is bringing about His kingdom on earth. In my perception of time His reconciliation of all things to Himself is mysteriously slow. I cry out, Maranatha, Come, Lord Jesus, and bring an end to this evil. I lay down my life to be part of His kingdom work. Jesus, show me where you are working and let me join in that work. I know I will not be spared from all evil but you will be with me. Your rod and your staff, they will comfort me. I want to be a part of your work of making things right, of bringing people, situations and institutions to your plan for them, under your reign. May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

My wife’s ministry is caring for and saving lives of children as a pediatric intensive care doctor. Her salary allows me to be a volunteer CFO for a Christian camp that brings thousands a year to the mountains to learn to be disciples of Jesus Christ, to join Christ in his kingdom work. What does it mean that God is loving and good? It does not mean that God saves us from all evil. Rather, it means God is with us in the midst of the brokenness of our world. It means that He invites us to join him in his work of reconciling this fallen world to himself.


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