Thursday, 02/04/10

Overheard from the playroom this morning:

Liam (while putting a propeller back on a little plane): No Indy, you can't poke that! When you're a boy and strong then you can poke. But you're too girl right now. First you have to run run run and eat a good snack and then you can be strong like me. THEN you can poke!


Cill wrote:

I much prefer this kind of post!! Yours too Bill!! The politic ones just send my BP up!

Thanks for the great stories!

Katie wrote:

Oh my. I don't know where to begin with this one...

Tracy wrote:

Neither did I Katie. Neither did I. Nor did I know what to say to Asher when he ran naked into the bathroom yesterday before the kids' bath and yelled, "Mom, I have a full tender!" and proceeded to stand at the toilet and, umm, empty his tender. That kid's apparently been watching too much Thomas the Train lately. (tender as in train tender filled with coal, in case you were wondering)

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